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Are you a foodaholic but bored of eating the same dishes again & again? Then I’ve got a savior for you,some delicious Bengali cuisines! As we all know, Kolkata has always been a land of innovations. The variety of pocketfriendly dishes you find here are to be found nowhere else. So,these are the 5 pocketfriendly dishes of Kolkata which you must try whenever you visit Kolkata-

You might be wondering what’s this strange named thing,right? Don’t worry, it’s nothing weird. It’s the Bengali term for “Paani Puri”! So Paani Puri has always been the best thing about India. It should be actually declared as the “National Food Of India”(Just wish that this comes true some day!😂😂😛😛).When we have tried all types of Paani Puri,why not try the famous Bengali Phuchka?Well,do you know there’s a Phuchka(Paani Puri) stall in Kolkata which has been awarded the best paani Puri stall by the Indian government?Yes,you saw it right & this stall is beside Victoria Memorial.Thank me later! 😛

2.Ghoti Gorom

In other words,you can just call it the emotion of Kolkata! Ghoti gorom is something which can give nostalgia to every true Bengali out there,from kids to elders. If you go by it’s ingredients, it’s very minimalistic,but the taste it gives,the moment it goes into your taste buds is beyond any explanations! It’s incredibly delicious. However, it’s a street food & it’s hard to find any ghoti gorom Wala now,but luckily there are some heroes still which are selling this food & preserving the culture of Kolkata.


Churmur is something you won’t find anywhere except Kolkata. The mixture of sweet,sour & salty taste,makes us crave for it even more! If you are in Kolkata & you didn’t have churmur at evening everyday, you definitely didn’t live your life to the fullest! The quantity is more than enough,in just 10 bucks(prices may vary in various shops)

4.Fish Fry

“You are from Kolkata,you must be fish lover for sure!”this is what we all say to our Bengali friends 😂 And why not? Kolkata is best known for fresh, delicious fishes. And this reminds me of the fish fries! Specially the fish fries served with mustard sauce & onion garnishing! Seems mouth watering,right? Well,you can find fish fries at every restaurant in Kolkata but if you wish to find some pocketfriendly fish fries,the street side small outlets can serve you even more delicious fish fries than the five star ones! So don’t miss them!

5. Momos

If you are a Mumbaikar,you definitely know the struggle of finding momos in Mumbai! Momos have become extinct in many parts of India! Even if we find them,they are too pricy & beyond our budget.But don’t worry foodaholics! Kolkata can alone compensate for this shortage! You can find delicious momos in Kolkata everywhere. It’s the capital of momos 😂 and it’s said that best momos are found in the street shops of gariahat. So if you ever visit Kolkata, don’t forget to try momos, otherwise your purpose of going to Kolkata will be not fulfilled! Keep eating,keep loving! C’ya all in the next article! 😊😊


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