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Best Road Trip Destinations In North East India

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North East India has been the most underrated tourist spots in India. There are many common places in North East India where we have visited according to people’s recommendations but you can never have enough of India. There’s still countless destinations to explore in the North East. So here are the list of places which are the best road trip destinations:-

1. Gangtok
Gangtok in Sikkim is the most famous tourist attraction in North East India. North East India is known to be the most peaceful region in India. But in Gangtok, you get to see a busy city life; people waking up early in the morning to catch share taxis, students travelling down from Gangtok to their schools & returning back to their homes till night. The speciality of Gangtok is the traffic management is very systematic. The most adventurous tourist spot in Gangtok is Nathula pass. The minus degree temperature there can give you true chills!

    Image:Nathula  pass (Source:Google Images)

Image:Gangtok(Source:Google Images)

Pelling is just 3 hours away by road from Gangtok. This peak top,peaceful town is incredibly beautiful. The panaromic view of kanchenjunga ranges from peak is the thing which makes your long journey worth it. The place has kinda tibetan+ Chinese culture. People living here are helpful,simple & silent. It’s a must visit destination!

Image: Pelling ( Source: Google Images)

Lachung is a mountain village close to the Tibetan border, in the northeastern Indian state of Sikkim. It’s divided by the Lachung River. This place is famous for some monastries,water falls &valleys. The Naga water falls,Yume Samdong(also known as zero point),Yumthang valley & Lachung monastery sums up the god gifted natural beauty of Lachung.

Image: Lachung (Source: Google images)

Shannan, or Lhoka, is a prefecture-level city in the southeastern Tibet Autonomous Region, China. However,half of the region lies in India. So, you need a passport to travel this place. The Yumbu Lhakhang Palace, the oldest palace on that high land built over two thousand years ago for the first Tsampo (king) of the Tubo tribe, although through extension, the palace gradually became a Buddhist monastery is the greatest tourist attraction of Shannan. Some other tourist spots are Trandruk & Samye Monastery.

Image: Shannan,Tibet ( Source: Google Images)


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