Friday, July 19

5 Types of Instagram story tellers

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1.The “No story tellers”
These people are there on almost all social media sites in this world but are nowhere seen. Their existence in this world seems imaginary! They are those people who post on leap years!

2.The “Sophisticated story tellers”

These people are the apparently classy people. These are the people who can force the shopkeepers to give Rs.5 discount on Rs.10 dhaniya in real life. But their social media stories are totally irrelevant with what they are actually in real life. Actually these are the people who can convert “Haldi ka kaada” to “Turmeric Latte” really well. They can seem too classy on insta but don’t get tempted by them! 

3.The “Instagram Snapchatters”
Most of us are so comfy in using the Snapchat filters that the Instagram filters are ignorant stuffs for them! But there are people who are equally ethusiastic for using the insta filters! Every moment of their lives are boomeranged,rewinded n captured with 1000 of filters n effects!

4. The “wanderlusters”
These are the people who never settle down. They are the true wanderlusters! Their Instagram feeds are always filled up with road trip pics,videos,camp fire stories and we are honestly jealous of them coz they live their life like there’s no tomorrow!

5.The “Day to night” storytellers
So these are the people we come across with almost everyday! Their lives are totally predictable to us coz it’s all revealed in their stories! They are the ones whom we don’t need to stalk to know what they are doing. The first thing they do after waking up is put their sleepy face selfies on Instagram following the brushing teeth stories till the good night stories! Honestly speaking we all get irritated of such stories but we can’t help seeing them. After all they are all our friends and one of a kind!


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