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5 Best Street Foods In Mumbai

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Mumbai-the city of dreams. That’s what​ you have heard about the city since childhood,right? Well, it’s also a city which never sleeps. This city will never let you sleep hungry! The speciality of Mumbaikars is that- their food habits are minimalistic & delicious which helps them keep running from morning to night. Even if you have to skip your breakfast in case you are late,your aai(mom) doesn’t need to worry about you starving coz there are countless varieties of Street foods & food stalls 24 hours open in Mumbai. So,here I list some of the best street foods in Mumbai which are a must try!
1. Vada pav

It might sound a simple vada & a simple pav. But let me tell you,for Mumbaikars it’s “THE VADA PAV”! It’s an emotion! It’s simple street food but it’s delicious, served with the Hari chutney or the red hot masala. You can find various preparations of vada pav across Mumbai & this makes it an important part of diversified Mumbai.
Top 5 outlets for vada pav in Mumbai-
i) Cannon vada pav, CST
ii) Jumbo King,Vashi
iii) Ashok vada pav, Dadar
iv) Aram vada pav,Azad Maidan
v)Graduate vada pav,Byculla(West) Station

2.Pav Bhaji

If you are in Mumbai,you gotta eat Pav Bhaji! A Mumbaikar knows well how much mouth watering this one food is. Travel across India & I bet you can’t find one hater of Pav Bhaji. The pav with butter spread all over and the Bhaji which complements this dish overall is just more than awesome!
Top 5 outlets for Pav Bhaji in Mumbai-
i)Sardar Pav bhaji,Tardeo
ii)Amar Juice Center,Vile Parle
iii)Soli Pav Bhaji, Haji Ali
iv)Cannon Pav Bhaji,Fort
v) Sukh Sagar,Chowpatty

3.Misal Pav

Misal pav can be an ordinary food for some,but can taste incredible with the different kinds of preparations found all over Mumbai. It’s a simple,light & pocket friendly street food & is a must in your “To eat” list!
Top 5 Outlets for Misal Pav In Mumbai-
i) Aaswad,Dadar
ii) Aram,CST
iii)Anand Bhuvan,Lower Parel
iv) Mamledar Misal, Thane West
v)Hotel Amantran,Thane West


Apart from the Maharashtrian food, Mumbai is also known for the south Indian dishes as well. You can find countless varieties of Dosa like nowhere such as Cheese Dosa, Masala Dosa, Double layered egg Dosa etc.
Top 5 outlets for Dosa in Mumbai-
i) Mysore Masala Dosa,Bhulabhai Desai Road
ii)Madras Cafe,Bhaudaji Road, King’s circle
iii)Khau Galli,Ghatkopar
iv) Pure Milk Center, Ghatkopar
v)Sai swad Dosa, Ghatkopar West

5.Queen of eggs


So this is something new in Mumbai! The Queen of fried eggs! It’s a Jumbo Size omlette kinda thing made up of 10-20 eggs. This special dish was invented by a simple street food vendor,now is making place in Mumbaikars’ hearts & stomach. It requires a lot of skill & patience to make this omlette as it takes a lot of time to be cooked. The places where it is found is still unknown,but stay tuned with us as in next articles we may reveal where it’s found! Thanks for reading!


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